What is the best way to learn Egyptian Arabic?

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What is the best way to learn Egyptian Arabic?

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Learn Egyptian Arabic: 10 Reasons You Should Learn the Egyptian Dialect

Want to learn Egyptian Arabic?

Well.we think thats a great choice!

Lets be honest: learning an Arabic dialect isnt the easiest decision youve ever made.

The alphabet is different than anything youve ever seen.

The sounds are a bit intimidating.

You even heard from a friend of a friend that it takes something like 2,000 hours to be fluent.

Whatever THAT means.

The truth is, Arabic is hard. Its different than most languages out there, and odds are youre going to be scratching your head for a while.

That was certainly my experience.

But Arabic isnt just a difficult language.its also incredibly rewarding. Learning Egyptian Arabic might not be an easy decision, but it certainly is a GOOD decision.

And Im here to tell you why.

So heres a much-needed dose of inspiration: ten reasons to learn Egyptian Arabic, and why its the best dialect you could choose.

  1. Egypt is an incredible destination spot. Everybody knows about the pyramids of Cairo and the statues of Luxor. But have you ever heard of Siwa, and the incredible stargazing that it offers? Do you know about Dahab, and how its easily one of the best places in the world for scuba diving? Want to visit some of the worlds best outdoor markets and try your luck at bargaining in Egyptian Arabic? Its really a country that offers something for everyone, and if you learn Egyptian Arabic, your travels will be even cooler.
  2. It will let you speak with Arabs everywhere. Arabic is weird. Lets get that out of the way. Its not like English where, for the most part, you are going to understand everybody you come across. There are such stark differences between the different dialects that some of them might as well be different languages. For a non-native speaker, frustrating doesnt even begin to describe it. Luckily for you, when you learn Egyptian Arabic, youre learning the most well-understood dialect in the Arab world. If you are interested in learning spoken Arabic, but cant decide which one, learn Egyptian Arabic. Its the biggest bang for your buck. Enough said.
  3. It has some pretty awesome media. Whether its the music of Amr Diab, the (now discontinued) show of Bassam Youseff, or countless Ramadan series, there is something for everyone. Egyptian culture is widespread in the Arab world, and Cairo is essentially the Hollywood of Middle Eastern film. How cool would it be to understand why the Arab women in the movies are screaming all the time? Learning Egyptian Arabic will let you do that.
  4. One of the hot spots of the Arab Spring. Cairo is one of the best cities to go to if you are interested in Middle Eastern politics. Everything that is happening in the region has deep roots in history, of course, but the events of 2011 (especially in Egypt) are essential to understand. Taking a stroll through Midan Tahrir can only teach you so much. If you want to talk about the revolution in Egyptian Arabic with your taxi driver? Only way to do this is to earn Egyptian Arabic!
  5. Puts you on the fast track to have some crazy cool experiences. Traveling to Egypt is already quite the adventure. Go there and speak the language? Thats a skill that (I can say after three years in Cairo) is going to give you enough stories for a lifetime. And not the pretty packaged experiences that anybody can put on Instagram. Im talking about the nitty gritty shit that people love to hear about. Riding on the back of a truck at 4 AM in the streets of Cairo. Bargaining with a bus driver to get the cheapest ticket to Alexandria. Eating with Nubians at their home in Aswan, and drinking at an Egyptian ahwa when we were done. These were all made possible only after I learned Egyptian Arabic. Language truly does open doors.
  6. Egyptian Arabic is more useful than Standard Arabic. This is a controversial point, and one which has caused endless debate. Standard Arabic, the Arabic you are learning in about 99% of schools, is based off of the language Prophet Mohammad spoke. This would be great.if that wasnt 1400 years ago. It is a language that nobody naturally speaks, and is preserved through formal education and news broadcasts. If you are looking to communicate with people, buy things at the store, and make friends, a dialect is necessary. I will be the first person to say that Standard Arabic is beautiful. It is also NEVER the language you will hear in the streets. Learn Egyptian Arabic (the most widely-understood dialect), and you will be able to speak to Arabs everywhere.
  7. Its also easier to learn Egyptian Arabic. I remember the frustration in studying Standard Arabic while I was sitting through seemingly endless verb endings. Nothing made sense, and the longer I studied, the more I wanted to pound my head against the wall. Learning Egyptian Arabic (while still difficult) is a whole different ball game. While the difficulties of Arabic are still there, they are certainly less pronounced. Ive heard people compare Standard Arabic to an unforgiving father who is never impressed with what you do. Treat Egyptian Arabic as the grandma with the loud laugh that will never let you leave the table without a cookie.
  8. Learning Egyptian Arabic (and traveling to Egypt) really is quite different. True, this might contradict number seven, but it has to be said. Regardless of which dialect you are learning, its hard. And learning Arabic is supposed to be hard. If you are looking for a language to learn, but wanted something different than your Spanish class from high school, look no further. The alphabet, the sounds, the intonation.get ready for an adventure. Same thing with going to Egypt. Its not like taking a trip to a Western country where you have gone abroad but never really seen something new. Egypt is different, believe me. Not dangerous, not scary, just.different. If you are a true adventurer, and take to heart the whole life out of your comfort zone thing, then this is the language (and country) for you.
  9. Its damn cool. Who wouldnt be impressed with you speaking Arabic? Whether its your coworkers or your friends or even your new Tinder date over a round of mini golf, zero to hero has never been easier. Its hard, it sounds a bit strange, and its one of the worlds oldest languages. Badass, to say the least. If you want a quick little ego boost after all those failures in your life (check out our post about New Years resolutions if you wanted to make some goals), learning Egyptian Arabic is your solution.
  10. And finally, life is short. Learning an Arabic dialect is something you will forever be proud of. I had to include at least one rainbows and ponies reason in this list, dont you think? In all honesty, this might be the most important reason of all. To learn Egyptian Arabic is a substantial time commitment, and getting to any advanced level challenges your brain in a new (and often frustrating) way. But its worth it. It will open up your mind in ways you never thought possible, and give you the opportunity to experience things completely out of your element. Look at the dialect as a mountain to be climbed. The trek is hard, but the views at the top are worth every drop of sweat along the way.

So what are you waiting for? Youve been wanting to learn a dialect of this super cool language for a while.

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