Old classic games

Top 20 Old School 8-bit Games of the 80's & 90'sAuthor:KannanUpdated date:Jul 23, 2020Great lists for you to use and share. There's something for everyone here!The Greatest 8-b

Old classic games

Top 20 Old School 8-bit Games of the 80's & 90's

  • Author:Kannan
  • Updated date:Jul 23, 2020

Great lists for you to use and share. There's something for everyone here!


The Greatest 8-bit Video Games of the Past

Did you know that when Google made a doodle featuring a fully-playable version of Pac-Man on its homepage to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the game there was approximately a loss of $120,000,000 to businesses across the world. Large businesses from across the world reported a loss of productivity on that day because many workers played that game during office hours.

I'm sure you were also a lot into games in your childhood days. The sound (often very loud) when it started felt exciting. Those times when you indulged in it for hours, after and before school. Competed with your friends that you are better than them. Those were indeed good times.

In our place that was a time when small make-shift video-game parlors came up with those large arcade machines. Each game or rather about 3-4 minutes of play cost around few cents. There were specially minted coins which the guy at these parlors gave us in exchange. Often times they earned handsomely as every other child out there playing on an average 15-20 minutes.

Now the good news is that we don't have to spend money on these. They are all available online for free. Play as much as you want them. Now I'm not big on playing games, especially the new generation ones. But I was in my childhood days. And sure you also were. So, keep everything aside indulge in nostalgia and refresh some old memories.

Here comes the list of top twenty best old games.

1| 1942

This comprises of 32 stages where you have to destroy planes of the enemy and move forward. The enemy planes will also shoot on you, so keep on pressing the trigger to shoot all of them. Also, a series of non-harming planes come here and there, if you shoot all of them then you'll get sort of power to increase your shooting capacity.

As you keep on conquering different levels you'll see that you get different and exciting powers to keep you interested in playing further.

When Google made a doodle featuring a fully-playable version of Pac-Man on its homepage to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the game, businesses around the world saw their worker productivity drop by $120 million!

2| Adventure Island

Keep on eating the fruits along the way to increase your stamina. Eating fruits that are along the way is very important as the life of your player depends directly on it. The sound and the graphics are nice. Apart from moving forward and eating fruits, you'll have to save yourself from different animals such as snail, crow, even frogs and also from fire and falling into the sea.

This is fun and will keep you interested for many hours.

Adventure Island which was also known as Islander

Adventure Island which was also known as Islander

3| Alladin

This one is newest of all of them in the list. But this one was also launched in the late 90's. I believe this was launched much late in the nineties and we played on our TV.

Though I played it for many times I wasn't able to go beyond level six. This is tough but equally fun.

Disney Alladin

Disney AlladinScroll to Continue

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4| Battle City

Simple yet addicting. In this, you have to destroy the tanks of the enemy and guard your base against getting destroyed. It has more than 30 stages, of course, it gets harder as you proceed.

At first, this will be harder. At least it was for me; as evidently seen in the below screenshot.

Battle City

Battle City

5| Bomberman

Comical and funny short man of yours will be placing bombs in various places to kill all the insects and also will have to search for a door which leads to the next level. Be careful in placing bombs as there are also chances that you'll bomb yourself and lose a life. Also, each stage has a hidden power which ranges from the ability to place more than one bomb, or the power to remote-control the bomb and even one for passing through the walls.

It has fifty stages after which it returns back to stage one.



6| Circus Charlie

The game has six levels. You have to operate the clown and make it pass through each of them showing different skills like a clown does. This one is simple and after playing for a few hours you'll be able to complete all the levels.

The first four stages are very simple and the fifth and sixth one is a bit tough where you'll ride a horse and swing on a trapeze, respectively.

Circus Charlie

Circus Charlie

7| Contra

Now, this is very famous. It had many versions. The old classic one had nine stages. There are three lives that you can utilize to complete all the stages. We also used a cheat code from which that increased the count of life from three to thirty. I myself now don't believe in using cheat codes. It takes away the fun.

Just to check I searched the cheats and they don't work.



8| Diddy's Kong Quest

I spent hours playing this one along with Alladin. This requires utmost attention and a slight mistake will lead to an end. Both the games (this one and Alladin) came in as bundled in one of the earlier cassette type instrument which when inserted in a video-game machine could be played by connecting to the Television.

Diddy's Kong Quest

Diddy's Kong Quest

9| Galaxian and Galaga

Galaxian was launched in 1979 and was very successful. Galaga was released as a sequel to Galaxian. Required the player to control a spaceship and shoot down enemies coming from other directions.

From both the versions I still like to older one than its successor.



10| Kung Fu Remix

The gameplay required the player to beat others and move forward along the bridge. It has five stages and each level is completed by killing the boss of the stage. The first stage boss is the one with uses a stick, the second one uses a boomerang, the third one is a fat boxer, the fourth one is a sorcerer, and the last one is a karate champion.

I loved this one because I completed all the levels with ease. In our part of the world, it was known as Spartan.

Kung Fu Remix and also known as Spartan

Kung Fu Remix and also known as Spartan

11| Mario Brothers

You have to hit each and every creature by first hitting the horizontal bars and then by pushing them into the water. Once you kill all the animals the level is completed and you move on to the next level. There is also a bonus stage where many points can be scored by collecting coins.

The graphics are good but becomes repetitive after some stages.

Mario Brothers

Mario Brothers

12| Pac-Man

One of the most played classic games of all time. Though I didn't play much of it in my childhood as I find this one one-sided without any excitement. It is one such which can be played if you get little time in between other chores.

Another beautiful thing about this game is it takes very little time to play. Also, I recently bought the Pac-Man miniature arcade game and got it shipped all the way to India through the Amazon global priority shipping as it is not available locally in my place. Amazingly, it sounds authentic and real. I and my nephew are having a great time playing this.



13| Pooyan

Pooyan is a fun game which will keep you busy for hours. It requires you to be fast enough to catch-up or rather to blow oppositions balloon which makes them fall into the sea. If you fail to blow their balloons they will line at the stairs and try to eat you. Also, they will throw bombs at you from which you'll have to save yourself.

Simply a great concept.



14| Popeye

Now most of us know about Popeye and have played it. And have enjoyed the cartoon as well. It requires making Popeye collect different items at different levels. First one is to collect 24 hearts, next is musical notes and so on and at the same time avoid Brutus and all other dangers.

Go eat the spinach and save Olive.



15| Road Fighter

The simplest of the lot which only had the option to make the car to move to the left and right with an accelerator control. It has five stages with different tracks. The car racer has to quickly make it to the finish line before running out of fuel. In the way, we also get to see tricolor vehicles which are nothing but fuel cars which when bumped into it increased the fuel level.

Possibly this would have been the first game that you ever played. Am I correct?

Road Fighter

Road Fighter

16| Super Street Fighter

Another popular one for you. My favorite character from this is Chun Li, the one with "legs on fire", literally. Each of the characters had some special powers which can be invoked when pressed a sequence of buttons.

Off to conquer this one! Again.

Super Street Fighter

Super Street Fighter

17| Super Mario

I felt proud in front of my friends since I was the one who played this one at ease. I completed all the eight worlds of it by spending lots of money on those coin-op machines. No regrets. Also, there is a chance to gain an infinite number of 1up's (lives) in the third and at the seventh stage by pressing the duck on the stairs in the first sub-world of each of them.

Still, this one is great. Go save the Princess!

Super Mario

Super Mario

18| Teenage Mutant Ninja Tournament

This one is much similar to the Street Fighter but with greater clarity in graphics and different characters. It also had a two player version but that can't be played online; only single player or competing with the CPU is playable. Also, there comes a flying object which dropped rounded balls which when picked can be used as a weapon.

Shred Is my favorite, and yours?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Tournament

Teenage Mutant Ninja Tournament

19| Tetris

It's one of the most popular games of the 90's. And still liked by many people. Ideal when you are traveling for long hours. I'm sure there is an android version of it. Go check it out if you want to play this one while commuting.



20| Tiny Toon Adventures

Based on the cartoon series of the same name. This was the first game based on the animated TV series. There are six worlds which have to be conquered with three sub-levels in each of them.

Three cheers for the makers of this one.

Tiny Toon Adventures

Tiny Toon Adventures

21| Ice Climber - Bonus

You have searched and read so far for this you deserve a bonus. Ice climber is the bonus for you. You might have played this in your childhood, so then go right in and experience the same joy you experienced in your school days.

Also, scroll a bit to look for more suggestions from around the internet. Links to other great resources to find your favorites in the below section.

I would love to get your comments and if the game you most liked is not mentioned in this list then please do make a comment (if I know I will try to provide a link from where you can play it), it would be highly appreciated and also other people who are looking for it may come know about it.

Ice Climber

Ice Climber

Now also on Android

Almost all the above games can be found on Play Store on your Android Phone. Just search for Classic Arcade Emulator if which downloaded you can play 68 classic games right from Islander, Road Fighter, 1942, Super Mario Spartan among others.

Similarly many other games like Kungfu Master, Lode Runner can also be downloaded as a single game.

Classic Arcade Emulator (68 Games) on Android

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Robindson on May 05, 2020:

I have played most of those games. But I prefer to play mod apk like that because it makes it easier for players

Rehan shah pakistan sargodha on April 11, 2020:

Plz help me to find out kung fu old game .i am remembering very much .

Hammad Ahmed on February 18, 2020:

can you help me find out the blood game

Angel Guzman from Joliet, Illinois on November 28, 2019:

I have some fond memories playing some of these games Kannan. Great read taking us down memory lane.

Sriram panigrahi on August 12, 2019:

Can u help me find out one game named Sean o hair or Sean o haire

Named game I was played it in the middle of 90's... But I can't find out the game on internet.

Shivam on July 17, 2019:

can anyone tell me the name of the game in which we had to escape from a school and there was enemies all around. i remember there were different corridors we have to go through and there is a corridor with the jail railing and if you go in a certain room something anonymous kills you

nisha on July 10, 2019:

There was a game in which man rescued the girls which are hidden behind the door. Can anyone remember the name of the game?

jeny on March 22, 2019:

This is really good

adamschule85 on January 23, 2019:

Wow! Good old days is coming back. Reminiscing all the memories with a teary eye. https://games.lol/scary/

Anonymous on September 25, 2018:

Do u remember any 4 in one game from 90s which includes some cat character quest game along with Jurassick park game?

Talha on August 16, 2018:

Dear Im looking old game stage by stage first scene jumping helicopter shoot by gun and 2nd stage start fire to dogs if ur bullet end 2 fight hand or lag

sridhar on May 08, 2018:

this website is good.

Aarav (author) from Mumbai on October 12, 2017:

These are very hard to get nowadays. Probably you can check eBay and other online auction sites.

These games are available at play store. Search old 8 bit games.

Mihir Nayak on October 12, 2017:

Hey please tell me where can I get these cassettes?

And aslo tell me the cassette name...

Yogesh on September 16, 2017:

I Never Forget these old games

I really appreciate

I Love These Games

These Games also Strauss buster

My School Days Games

husayn on January 08, 2014:

really amazing its my school days games. if some body help to download all these games i will be very thankful to them.

Guarav Singh on May 14, 2013:

Made my eyes wet...i played most of these games, among these Battle tank was my favorite!

captain on December 07, 2012:

It make me remember my childhood.Yeah,that was a great days.

RolyRetro from Brentwood, Essex, UK on April 03, 2012:

This will always be a very subjective assessment, my top 25 would be very different, but then it would be based on my experiences! Personally I like 1942, but would add Star Wars, Phoenix, Gauntlet, Double Dragon.....see what I mean?

Great hub, cheers!

onthegrind from Florida, United States on February 17, 2012:

Awesome list and some great games on there. 1942 was a classic game. Some of the other great ones on there were Contra and Kung-Fu. For the Atari, Bump N Jump was one of my favorites and Pitfall was legendary too (at least in my mind). I enjoyed reading this!

amberlewis from India on February 12, 2012:

Great blog.Good work and stuff also.Ya i agree with most of the people play games in there office.Because i also comes in that count.From all those list that you given here.Road fighter is my favorite game at my childhood time.All the list is very good and awesome.

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