Is PS5 collection still available?

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Is PS5 collection still available?
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Persona 5 is leaving the PlayStation Plus Collection in MayShare

Better take some time to download it now

PlayStation has announced the games coming to PlayStation Plus in April. Alongside cards and outlaws, theres also a heads-up that one game will be leaving another part of the service in May.Persona 5is leaving the PlayStation Plus Collection on May 11.

In an addendum on the PlayStation Blog, Sony says that adding the game to your library before May 11 will allow users to still have access, as long as they have an active Plus subscription. The PS Plus Collection is available for PS5 owners who have an active sub.

As for Aprils PS Plus games, both PlayStation 4 and 5 get in onHood: Outlaws & Legends. The PlayStation 4 entries are SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom  RehydratedandSlay the Spire. The former isnt quite the best foot forward for a cult classic, but the latter is a deck-building roguelike that will eat your time like nobodys business. Seriously, check outSlay the Spireif you somehow havent tried it yet.

Marchs PlayStation Plus games also take off on April 4, so dont forget to pick those up. Those areArk: Survival Evolved,Team Sonic Racing, the PS5 version ofGhostrunner, andGhost of Tsushima: Legends.

The PlayStation Plus Collection is still sticking around

Sony recently revealed its revamped PlayStation Plus plans, with Essential players keeping access to current benefits while higher tiers can get a catalog of games ranging across generations. It all goes live in June, and PlayStation confirmed to IGN that the Plus Collection willnotbe going away with this change.

As forPersona 5, its a bummer the beefy Atlus RPG is leaving the collection. Granted, its the base version and not the significantly expandedRoyal. ButPersona 5is a major RPG of the last console generation, and one that added some nice variety to the PS Plus Collection.

Considering Atlus has been rolling out a series ofPersonaannouncements over the last few months, maybe somethings in store. For now, its a good reminder for PS5 owners to make sure theyve got all the Plus Collection titles in their library.Eric Van AllenNext Genshin Impact: How to find the new Chasm area and the Chasmic Serpent boss »Previous « Paramount looking to build Sonic Cinematic UniversePublished byEric Van AllenTags: AtluspersonaPersona 5PlayStation PlusPS5RPGSega3 months ago

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