if you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for essay

to improve technology? To improve society? What 3 things would you wish for? Just curious. And dont say the typical more wishes.Observing members: 0Composing members: 0Answerscould

if you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for essay
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to improve technology? To improve society? What 3 things would you wish for? Just curious. And dont say the typical more wishes.

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could you wish for more wishes?

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To be able to learn anything instantly
To be able to completely reform our (American & Puerto Rican) education systems instantly
To have infinite wishes at my disposal, triggered only when I specifically ask for them.

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if we only had 3 wishes and could not wish for more, I would wish:
*considering God has a plan for everyone and everything
1) I knew every day I was doing what I need to do to live up to the person God wants me to be in this life
2) That I was always surrounded by people who loved me
3) That I took advantage of all potential I had to do good in the world

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1: A proper education for all people of the world
2: Proper health care for all people of the world
3: Proper food/water/shelter for all people of the world

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3 more wishes, and I would do this untill the person, or entity, broke down and then i could have as many wishes as I wanted. Then id probably just get a Coke.

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no one jump on me for saying this
1 to be more like Jesus
2 to have the funds to be a full time missionary
3 faith to move mountains

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You guys all are way better wishers for mankind. Im pretty selfish myself :(

1) infinate knowledge
2) infinate funds (as in money)
3) be able to do for real magic so I could do whatever I wanted.

Like I said, Im a selfish jerk

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Everyones different and has different wishes. People shouldnt judge you on answering honestly. :) But what if infinite knowledge brings to light way too many issues and understandings that you wish you knew nothing of? Sometimes is ignorance really bliss, or is there still bliss in knowing of and about everything?

And, what if with your infinite knowledge and money and magic you had no friends? Would having friends be another wish youd grant yourself? Curious ;)

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@ sprstar- I would hope that my knowelge would give me an understanding of all the understandings so that I wouldnt have any issues with them. Far fetched, I know, but for a wish I think it works.

As for the friends, I wouldnt use my knowledge against them so I would think that I could keep my friends. If not Id just trick them with my magic and flashes of my money. ;)

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@Randy: do you think that if you had infinite knowledge that you would become bored with life with nothing left to learn or understand?

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Oh, good question! Id have to say you have me checkmated on that one. No bs to save me now. Good call!

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None of You said HEALTH and HAPPINESS.

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@Dine: Ah the wonderful cliche answer of health and happiness. ;)

With my three answers, those are things that would bring me happiness. As for good health, I believe that it would be awesome and truly a blessing to have good health, but if its in Gods plan for you to experience something other than perfect health, Id want to be like Peter and be able to feel at peace with the circumstances I was placed in knowing that I was exactly where God wanted me to be living out what God wanted me to do. To feel at peace and have complete faith in God with whatever cards you are dealt with in life would be awesome!!

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@spratar: If You are ill,You are not happy.

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I lost a eye I told God I know you can heal me but if it will open a door for me to help someone leave it the way it is

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@Dine: I agree that if you are ill its more challenging to be happy. Im not even saying I could be ill myself right now and remain happy. But if I had my wish that I was living up to the person God wanted me to be, within that lies the assumption that Im at a maturity level in my faith that allows me to feel at peace with my life (and my circumstances, including if I was ill) knowing that Im fulfilling Gods will. In the bible, Job suffered through having boils but still had faith that he was doing a work for God although he may not have understood at the time what it was, and he was later in life doubly rewarded for the pain he endured. The point Im trying to express here is how awesome it could be if you could be in such a terrible circumstance, such as bad health, and not understand why it is youre in bad health, but know and have complete faith that youre fulfilling a higher purpose, that unwavering faith would fill you with so much peace that you could endure anything. That would be such an incredible state of mind and being to have. That would bring me happiness. Would it be constant uninterrupted happiness, probably not. But I believe the peace I would feel during challenging times would make up for the time I wasnt happy. :)

And of course, you dont have to agree with me, but again my point was only to reflect that within my answer lies what would bring me happiness. As for health, while it wouldnt be a specific wish I had, would be a perk if it fell within the realm of what Gods will was for me.

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- Id wish for my own sultan-sized harem X 3

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1. To have my dad back
2. unlimited wishes
3. unlimited incoming funds

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I like how xacrox said in the description of the question And dont say the typical more wishes. And how many times did we see that answer ^_^

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he edited it after mine at the top thats why I said it so he would

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Good answers sprstar! Enlightening!

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I would wish for only one thing enough. Because if I had enough, I wouldnt need the other two wishes.

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Just think, while youll get enough of all that you need, youd get enough of all that you hate as well! Even though the amounts will be small, their cumulative result would be unbearable

A dripping faucet fills the bucket after a while.

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1. Everyone to be vegan (and happy with/about it)
2. Unlimited funds
3. Immortality (maybe, if I feel as good as a 20 year old forever)

My answers are a little selfish too, but Id share my funds. But thinking about not dying. Would I really want to watch all the people I love die over and over again for all eternity?

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@squirbel good point! But without the bad stuff, I wouldnt appreciate the good as much,. And Id rather have enough than too much!

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The truth is that every wish granted as a bad twist, they showed that, to us, in all movies or shows with the 3 wishes thing. You wish for the peace in the world, then everyone disappear..so on

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robot legs, xray sight, and mind control.

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Lame, I totally searched for this before posting it. I was suprized no one asked it so I did.

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No biggie. I just didnt want to retype my answer.

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1. Everything to be good 2. Everything to be right 3. Everything to be smart ( everything=universehumansanimalsetc.)

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1. Empathy for all people.
2. Money
3. Great communication skills for everyone

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1. be skinny forever.
2. be smart in every subject.
3. have never ending money.

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hav magic so i could get everythg i want..!!

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i want my mom n dad to be happy forever!!!!!!

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i wish i have magic so i could get everything i want..

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