How to organize clutter in bedroom

Your bedroom might not seem like a top priority to declutter when youre decluttering your home. You might think, not many people see inside your bedroom, so why does it matter? But

How to organize clutter in bedroom
How to Declutter your Bedroom - and why it matters!
How to Declutter your Bedroom - and why it matters!

Your bedroom might not seem like a top priority to declutter when youre decluttering your home. You might think, not many people see inside your bedroom, so why does it matter? But it does matter! And today I want to talk about not only how to declutter your bedroom (and keep it clutter-free). But exactly why decluttering your bedroom is important!

Why do bedrooms end up so cluttered?

Bedrooms tend to be spaces that fewer people see on a regular basis. Its tempting to focus your decluttering efforts on the more public spaces of your home, and never get around to tackling your bedroom.

Not only that, but its so common for bedrooms, especially the master bedroom, to become a dumping ground for clutter from all over the house!

It might be where you quickly shove clutter from the rest of the house when you dont know what to do with it, or are just trying to clean up the main living spaces quickly.

Its easy to hide the clutter in the bedroom and shut the door. You have good intentions of dealing with that stuff later, but sometimes life gets in the way.

Clutter attracts clutter!

And the worst part is, clutter always seems to attract more clutter. Before you know it, those few random items you threw in your bedroom to deal with later have turned into piles of stuff!!

Learning not only how to declutter your bedroom, but also how to keep it clutter-free are great ways to work towards simplifying your home and your life!

How to Declutter your Bedroom - and why it matters!
How to Declutter your Bedroom - and why it matters!

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Why decluttering your bedroom is important

Before we get into how to declutter your bedroom, its important to talk about why decluttering your bedroom matters and is important for your overall well-being.

A clutter-free, peaceful bedroom can become your retreat and your sanctuary from the busyness and stress of daily life.

It can be an oasis and a haven where you can rest, relax, recharge and find a little peace at the end of a long day.

But when your bedroom is full of clutter and stuff, theres no way it can be the retreat or sanctuary youre hoping for.

Instead, it becomes an unrelaxing, stressful space that can easily make you anxious, overwhelmed and unable to fully rest. Just seeing all the clutter is a constant reminder of whats still on your to-do list at the end of the day.

Clear the clutter for better sleep

A cluttered bedroom can even interfere with your sleep. Clutter can overstimulate your brain, making it difficult for your brain to switch into a restful state that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Your bedroom is the last space you see before you go to bed at night, and the first space you see when you wake up. Dont let clutter be the first and last thing you see every day.

How to declutter your bedroom

But how do you declutter your bedroom and turn it into a personal oasis? Here is a 4 step plan to follow to learn how to declutter your bedroom and transform it into the space youve always wanted!

1. Create a clear vision for your space

The first step in learning how to declutter your bedroom is starting with your vision for your bedroom. How do you want it to look, feel and function?

Take a few minutes to get really clear for yourself what your vision for your bedroom is. Then use that vision to guide your decluttering decisions. Only keep the things that support your vision for the room.

Clarify the purpose of your room

Also, get clear about the purpose of the room for you. Figuring out how to declutter your bedroom starts with knowing exactly how you want to use the space.

If you want your bedroom to be strictly a sleeping space, make sure your decluttering decisions reflect that. You likely wont need much furniture aside from the bed and maybe a nightstand or dresser.

If it makes sense for you and your lifestyle to use your bedroom for other purposes as well, go for it. I believe you should use the spaces in your home in ways that make the most sense for you. If that means having a home office in the corner of your bedroom, your treadmill by the window, etc. then go for it.

2. Start with the big picture

The next step in learning how to declutter your bedroom is taking a big picture look at your space. Look at the furniture and big items you currently have in your bedroom. Do you love what you have? Are you using each for its intended purpose?

Aim to only keep the pieces that are adding value to your life by being in your bedroom. Each piece should support your vision and the intended purpose of your bedroom.

Heres an example:

A great example is having an accent chair or armchair in your bedroom. Do you use that chair to sit and read or enjoy your morning coffee? Or has the chair become a make-shift clothes horse, holding clean clothes, dirty clothes, clothes you plan to re-wear before washing, etc?

If you use and love the chair for its intended purpose, its adding value to your life and keeping it makes sense. If its become a clutter catch-all, maybe its time for it to go.

Assess all the furniture in your bedroom. If there are items you dont need, love or use for their intended purpose, consider removing them.

3. Clear the surface clutter

The next step of decluttering your bedroom is tackling the surface clutter.

Flat surfaces tend to become clutter magnets, and things can quickly and easily pile up. Clear the clutter from the surfaces stuff tends to pile up on  nightstands, dressers, shelves, and even the floor!

Start with one flat surface and clear it off, then move onto the next surface. Get rid of anything you dont use or love. Then put things you do want to keep away where they belong.

Clutter often comes from items that dont have a home. Either find or make a home for anything you want to keep to make sure it wont end up cluttering your flat surfaces again. As you continue decluttering your bedroom, itll be easier to find spots for the things youre keeping.

Aim to keep surfaces clear

After youve cleared the surfaces, be very selective about what you choose to put back on the surfaces in your bedroom. Aim to only keep your most essential items out, along with maybe a couple of carefully selected items you love.

Removing the clutter from the surfaces in your bedroom will make a big visual impact on the space and help keep it more serene and restful.

4. Declutter your dressers, drawers, shelves, closet, etc.

Next, work through the rest of your bedroom clearing the clutter from the space.

First, remove anything that doesnt belong in your bedroom and put it away where it belongs. Stop letting your bedroom be a dumping ground for random items you dont know what else to do with. Only keep the things you use, need or love in your bedroom!

Then ask yourself if each item is aligning with the intended purpose and your vision for your bedroom. If its not something you use regularly and/or love, let it go. Make sure you find a home for each item youre keeping so they dont end up as clutter in your bedroom.

Break the job into smaller tasks or zones to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the project. For example, plan to tackle one dresser drawer at a time or one section of the room at a time.


Dont forget to evaluate your bedroom décor items as well. Look at things like bedding, decorative pillows, decorative window treatments, wall hangings, decorative objects, etc.

Only keep the decorative items you truly love. Removing unnecessary décor is a quick and easy way to make a bedroom feel calmer and clutter-free.

If there are décor items you just dont love, let them go. Then dont be in a rush to replace them immediately. Try living without them for a while and see if you really miss them in the space.


One of the biggest sources of clutter in many bedrooms is clothes. Clothes can be tricky to declutter for many of us. But do your best to be as ruthless as you can with clothes you dont love or wear.

Tackle decluttering your clothes in a way that works for you. If decluttering all your clothes at once works better for you, do it that way. If that feels overwhelming, try decluttering one drawer at a time, or spending 15 minutes at a time purging your clothes.

You can read more about my favourite trick to use to make decluttering your clothes easier, and find a handy list of questions to ask yourself to make the decluttering decisions easier.

Work through your clothes aiming to get rid of anything you dont look or feel your best in.

Another great resource is this post about why we struggle to let go of clothes and how to overcome these common challenges. Often, once you know why youre struggling to let go, letting go becomes a lot easier.

Under the bed

As youre decluttering, dont forget to clear the clutter from under your bed too!

Just because you cant see the stuff under your bed, doesnt mean its not still weighing on you. Clearing the clutter from under your bed not only makes cleaning easier. But it also just feels good knowing even the spaces you cant see arent full of clutter.

How to declutter your bedroom  and KEEP it that way!

After decluttering your bedroom, forming a few new habits and routines will help you keep it clutter-free moving forward.

A place for everything & everything in its place

As I mentioned before, make sure each item youre choosing to keep has a home or a place to keep it. Clutter often comes from items that dont have homes, so they end up sitting out as clutter on our surfaces and floors.

When each item has a home, it makes it easy to find what youre looking for, easy to put it away and easy to maintain a tidy space.

Find or make spots for things that usually end up cluttering your bedroom. Even something as simple as a bowl for wallets, keys, change, jewelry, etc. can really help keep clutter at bay.

Stop using your bedroom as a dumping ground for random stuff from all over the house that you dont know what to do with. Protect your newly decluttered bedroom sanctuary to keep it clutter-free so you can enjoy a restful and relaxing space.

Make your bed

Making your bed each morning doesnt take much time or effort, but instantly changes the way your bedroom looks and feels. A neatly made bed makes the room look tidier, calmer and more inviting.

And, as a bonus, a nicely made bed just might inspire you to keep the rest of the room clutter-free as well.

Reset your room every day

Another quick habit that can really help keep your bedroom clutter-free is getting in the routine of resetting your bedroom every day.

Resetting your space simply means doing a quick tidy to put things away where they belong and deal with any messes or clutter before it has a chance to pile up.

Spend a few minutes clearing the surfaces, putting things away, putting clean and dirty laundry where it belongs, and tidying up regularly. By doing this your bedroom will never get out of control, or completely overwhelming to tidy up.

Have a place for laundry & clothes you plan to re-wear

Piles of clothes strewn all over your room, either clean laundry waiting to be put away, dirty laundry or clothes you have worn once but plan to re-wear, can quickly make your bedroom look messy and cluttered.

First, make sure you have a laundry basket somewhere handy to make it really easy to put your dirty clothes in.

Then, find a place to put clothes you plan to re-wear that keeps them from piling up somewhere looking cluttered and messy. It could be on the back of your bedroom door, a shelf in your closet, etc. The key is designating a spot for these clothes so they have a place to go without becoming clutter.

Also, getting in the habit of putting clean laundry away right away can keep piles or baskets of clean clothes from piling up. The great thing is, the more you declutter your bedroom, closet and dresser drawers, the easier it is to put clean clothes away, without having to wrestle them in!

How to organize your bedroom

After you have done a thorough job of removing the clutter, take some time to organize what youre keeping in a way that makes sense for you.

Dont start organizing until after youve decluttered, otherwise, youll just end up organizing clutter. Or worse adding more stuff/clutter to your bedroom disguised as organizing products.

The great thing about organizing after youve decluttered is less stuff means less stuff to organize, making getting organized a lot easier!

Figure out systems that work for you, your space, your preferences and your lifestyle.

Make the most of your space. But instead of trying to maximize what you can fit in the space you have; minimize the amount of stuff you have to store, to begin with!

How to decorate your newly decluttered bedroom

After youve decluttered your bedroom and set up some new habits, routines and systems youll need to maintain a clutter-free bedroom, the last step is turning your bedroom into a space you love.

This is the fun part! Think about anything you need to do to transform your bedroom into your own personal oasis.

It could be things like painting the walls a color you love, buying new bedding you absolutely love. Or simply appreciating what you already have now that your bedroom is simplified and clutter-free!

Decorate slowly & thoughtfully

Go slow and take your time adding decorative elements to your room. Embrace the breathing room youve created and take some time to enjoy it before thinking about decorating.

Then as time and budget allow, thoughtfully and intentionally add any decorative elements that will help you achieve your vision for your bedroom.

What better way to motivate you to maintain your bedroom as the tidy and peaceful retreat youve created than by making sure you love the space and everything in it!

Keep your goal of having fewer things, but better things. And that doesnt necessarily mean more expensive things. It just means things you love, use and/or appreciate in your space.

Dont add clutter to your space in the name of decorating. But if there are changes youd like to make to your space to love your bedroom, even more, know that its ok to do that!

How to Declutter your Bedroom - and why it matters!
How to Declutter your Bedroom - and why it matters!

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Looking for more guidance to declutter the rest of your house?

If you want more guidance like this, to help you declutter not just your bedroom, but every room in your house, check out my complete decluttering guide, Your Clutter-Free Home. Its a thorough, step-by-step guide to help you declutter every room in your home.

If you want to clear the clutter from your home once and for all and completely transform your life, this guide will get you there. Ill show you exactly how to declutter every space in your home, with guidance, tips & tricks, step-by-step decluttering lists to follow and plenty of motivation to keep you going!

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Your Clutter-Free Home: decluttering guide & checklists
Your Clutter-Free Home: decluttering guide & checklists

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