How to get a boyfriend at 10

They tell you to let true love find you. Supposedly, destiny will find a way to direct you to a good man. However, you will not have a potential boyfriend if you are always locking

How to get a boyfriend at 10

They tell you to let true love find you. Supposedly, destiny will find a way to direct you to a good man. However, you will not have a potential boyfriend if you are always locking yourself in and away from meeting somebody.

Are you ready for a boyfriend?

Perhaps you have been in the dating scene for a long time. Everything seems pleasant enough, but something is missing.

Going on dinners with various guys without really finding a perfect match is getting old. Maybe you should find a boyfriend, someone you can call your own.

It is also possible that you have confined yourself to your little space, away from everyone else.

Maybe you work too hard or study all the time. Then suddenly, you get that urge to find the right person to be in a romantic relationship with. You realize that you want to fall in love.

Before you put yourself out there, think about it. Why do you want to look for a guy in particular?

Perhaps, you are just lonely. If that is the case, then why not seek a friend? A friend can provide you with the care and companionship you may need.

Are you comfortable with yourself?

Before you even try to find the right guy, you must make sure you are comfortable in yourself. Do not look for a man just because you are lonely and insecure.

When you are sure that you are looking to be in a healthy relationship, only then should you take the first step. You should first work on your self-esteem. Do not go into a relationship hoping to be saved. This is something that you can do for yourself.

Today our guide is about How to Find a Boyfriend, where I will share practical tips which are time tested and backed by scientific theories. So Lets get started-

1. Find Your Type

Even if you have not had a boyfriend before, you already know what type interests you. There is a perfect boyfriend for everyone.

Perhaps you like mysterious guys, quiet and intellectual. On the other hand, you may prefer someone sporty and loud. The right guy for one girl may not be the same as for another.

2. Enjoy Life to the Fullest

When you go out there, make sure you explore and pursue the things that you enjoy. When you are doing this, you are likely to find someone who shares the same interests.

Some people enjoy going to the beach, for example. By being there, enjoying the ocean, you just might find a new person who can engage your senses.

Then, some are always cooped up in libraries or maybe in a coffee shop. Such a girl may still find her dream guy there, someone who loves books, coffee, and solitude.

When you do what you enjoy, you are more likely relaxed and friendlier. The smile on your face can make you glow and look more beautiful than you already are. Yes, dont forget that you are lovely as you are.

3. Join Groups

Since you should be on the lookout for someone who shares your interests, you may want to join some groups.

For example, you may join church or youth groups if you are religious. Being part of such a group can open you up to people who also seek the same spirituality and involvement.

You may also think of volunteering for a cause. You may do so, hoping to make a difference while finding a good guy who wants the same thing.

Whatever you do, join groups that you genuinely care for. It would be awkward to meet your future husband when you are pretending to be someone you are not.

4. Try Blind Dates

Consider your family and friends your extensions when it comes to reach. They also know you well enough  hopefully  to find someone who will appeal to you.

So, think about it. Which of your family members and friends are more likely to recommend someone you will like? How many of them will push their own preferences? Or would you want a surprise now and then? It is a blind date, after all.

5. Attend Events

It is time to be out there. Be seen and heard. You do want people to know that there is a great person who wants to mingle.

While you are out and about, be more observant. Keep an eye on anyone new and interesting? Is this a person who is on the lookout for the right girl? Or is he just enjoying these events? A yes to the first one means that you have a chance. A yes to the latter means that you may have found prince charming, except he may be the one to escape before midnight.

So, before you say no to any of those company events, think again.

You may end up meeting the man of your dreams, ambitious and hardworking. On the other hand, you may want to go to that friends party if you want someone more fun and spontaneous.

6. Travel Alone

Women are often discouraged from traveling alone. Someone will tell you just how dangerous it could be. They can be right. However, you could always conduct some research on the places that you plan to travel.

Perhaps you can start by traveling locally. You will be in friendlier and more familiar territory.

This may also work if you just hate the idea of a long-distance relationship.

Well, it could still be long-distance, but at least you dont have to cross international boundaries just to meet a person again.

Of course, if you want a foreign boyfriend (yes, this could actually be a type  must be the accent!), you need to travel a little further.

Travel to a place that you would not mind living in just if the flirtation ends up being something a lot more.

7. Flirt More

How can you snag a boyfriend if you cannot even make yourself smile? Get out there and flirt! Of course, choose that cute guy with the rippling muscles or the nice guy who shyly looks at you over a thick book. It depends on your type, of course.

Dont be afraid to strike up a conversation. You can even talk to strangers as long as you keep this in public, crowded spaces.

You never know if you are communicating with a possible Ted Bundy type. Better safe than sorry! Give your number but conduct some intense research before agreeing to go with him on a date.

8. Believe in Love

Sometimes, it is hard to believe in love. With so many people divorcing or chalking off marriage, you sometimes feel like you are always heading for a breakup. So, why even put up an effort?

You will not find a boyfriend if you are always negative about love. Instead of seeing you and that guys wonderful future, you may already see visions of him cheating on you or treating you badly.

Love is out there. You must indeed take care of yourself first, but you should also respond to the possibility of love when it comes to you.

9. Be Confident

A man would like to see a confident woman. At the same time, he wants someone he can take care of.

That certainly sounds confusing. However, it seems that the right guy is also looking for the right girl as intently as she is looking for him. Guys want a girl who knows what she wants. She will not back down when push comes to shove. She is also serious about what she is getting into.

Are you that girl?

Ensure you also give your partner a chance to pamper you or save and protect you. Yep, you are a girl who can take care of herself if ever he gets up and leave, but hey, you are just playing a little part.

Make sure he also knows that you can be strong if you want to. These different faces that you can give him will make him feel like you are willing to be everything for him.

Dont worry! A good guy will try everything to be the same for you.

10. Be Yourself

No matter what happens, though, you should be yourself all the time. There should be no hint of pretense. There would be respect and refinement, yes, but everything that you lay on the table is true.

Be yourself. When you do this, you also feel more relaxed. Being relaxed with the one you love is an ingredient that adds to both of your happiness.

11. Try Dating Apps

Dont discount them until you have tried them! Sometimes, they get a bad rep. However, they can also bring in good results if you know how to use them.

Going to a dating website can feel a little icky. However, browse around, and you will find hopeful people who want to meet someone beyond their neighborhood.

Perhaps they grew up with the same group of people throughout their lives and had not yet met that special person. They want to meet a new person who can possibly change their lives.

eHarmony is one of the dating apps that are supposed to grant you happy endings and are associated with marriages. Various dating sites appeal to different purposes. Choose one that appeals the most to you. Be aware that some of these sites may mostly link people for hookups and no-strings-attached sex. That is not the way to find your perfect boyfriend.


Prepare a dating profile with your real profile picture and a clear description of your likes and dislikes. This is not the time to play games. You are looking for your prince charming, and you are willing to find him even in what feels like a digital battle arena.

By the way, anything can feel like an online dating site nowadays. You may even consider Facebook and Instagram. Facebook may provide you with more insight into the persons life compared to Instagram, though.

12. Delay Sex

Being in the dating scene can be rough. Some guys will expect you to put out right away. No matter what happens and no matter how strong the chemistry is, dont have sex on the first date. Hey, if you can delay sex for as long as you can, do so. This will help you distinguish between a good man who likes you or someone who wants a quick roll in the hay.

So, you are probably protesting right there. Remember what I said earlier? If you are looking for a boyfriend for sex, stop right there. You dont want someone who will save you or merely pleasure you.

When you have sex with a guy on the first date, both of you will enjoy it  or at least that would be what you hope for. This guy will be thankful he met up with you that night. At the same time, he is also disappointed that you have proven to be too easy. He will also wonder about the legitimacy of the two of you becoming a real couple.

So, what do you think?

Do you think you are ready to leave singlehood for a steady boyfriend? It can be a scary change. There is no guarantee that you will be happy forever. However, you must give it a go if you want a romantic relationship. Everyone deserves to experience true love.

What else should you remember?

Finding a good boyfriend does not happen overnight. It does not happen like in the movies, at least not all the time.

You will not just bump into a cute guy in a crowd. Then, he turns out to be a philanthropist-billionaire who has been looking for you all his life.

A great guy could be right in front of you, with life masquerading him as a friend.

It may also take a long time for you to get a boyfriend, even if your friend is already on her third. Good things take time.

It may be a cliché, but your soulmate is out there for you. Relax and enjoy the ride.

Again, remember not to lose yourself in your search for a guy. You are great as you are. You can take the time to find that perfect guy.

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