How to gain muscle mass fast

Getting in shape can take time, but not everyone has the luxury of waiting for the effects of their workout to pay off. Some people want to see faster gains in their muscle mass to

How to gain muscle mass fast

Getting in shape can take time, but not everyone has the luxury of waiting for the effects of their workout to pay off. Some people want to see faster gains in their muscle mass to attend certain events or simply reap the benefits of an earlier date. Hypertrophy is the best way to increase muscle mass, which means using physical exertion to achieve those effects. Most of the time, consumers use weightlifting to reach that goal, helping them improve their muscle mass at a rapid pace.

Nowadays, everyone has a different method to reach that goal, and everyone seems to know the best way. The purpose of this guide is to show them any possible ways to achieve that goal from credible resources.

Best Ways to Gain Muscle Fast Naturally

Here are some of the top ways to get in shape quickly while improving muscle mass:

Lift Until You Cant Anymore

There is a process called lifting to failure, but it is less damaging than one might think. Anyone who has any weightlifting experience will say that this is one of the best ways to gain quickly. The process essentially means that the participant keeps pushing themselves through weightlifting reps until their body cannot move them further. This process works for many people who lift weights professionally, but many people are still afraid. While some people dont want to keep pushing themselves, others fear that they will be weaker if they cant manage one more repetition.

Individuals who have only recently begun weightlifting should not push their muscles to failure when they first start. They need to build up some of their strength to do it. Once a little more experience has been gained, they may be ready to try this feat, eventually integrating it as a crucial part of their workout. The key is not to stop once reaching failure. Instead, take a moment and try again. At this point, if the individual is unable to lift anymore, remove some of the weight and keep going.

Add Compound or Multi-Joint Lifts


One of the essential parts of any muscle-building routine is ensuring no imbalances are created. Working on one muscle group for an extended time is precisely how the body falls into this problem. While bicep curls can be incredibly helpful, only focusing on that muscle group will leave the entire body imbalanced. It doesnt do any good to build up the biceps if the pecs or the shoulders arent toned at all.

To ensure that the entire body stays balanced, engage in routines and lifts that will incorporate multiple muscle groups simultaneously. A bent-over dumbbell row while standing will engage many muscle groups at one time. Each repetition helps to engage the biceps, delts, lats, and many other groups simultaneously. Squats and deadlifts encourage the same coordination between the muscle groups, keeping gains even and impressive.

Increase the Weight, But Not the Reps

Many people will swear by repetitions to increase muscle building rapidly, but that is not what science claims. While it is helpful to use more reps to increase stamina, improve definition, and more, building bigger muscles means that consumers will have to reduce the number of reps they do and bring on the extra weight instead.

Rather than using 140 pounds on an inclined bench press for 15 reps, increase the weight by 10-20 lbs., bring down the number of reps to just 5-10 instead. With a short break in the middle of 90 seconds, repeat the reps at that same weight to failure. Even though it wont create the definition that some men seek out, it will increase the size of the muscles at a rate that high reps simply would not.

Consider Progressive Overload

Anyone that participates in lifting to failure during their workouts also needs to consider a progressive overload. These two concepts work together to increase muscle quickly. With progressive overload, the user just keeps increasing the number of weights they put on the bar. By only using the same amount of weight every time, it is possible to increase the temporary pump. However, the difficulty never changes, and the body never pushes to do more.

Warming up with a lighter weight is an uncomplicated way to get the muscles prepared for the routine. Then, during the training, add more weight to the bar. Make sure to add the weight slowly each week. This part of the workout isnt explicitly meant to go from 100 to 200 pounds in one session. Instead, it allows the body to push more and more each week for greater muscle mass.

Add a Few More Hours to Your Sleep Cycle


As important as the proper workout is, everyone needs to get enough rest to support their body each day. Any muscle-building activity can cause tears, so they are microscopic and impossible to see. The tears themselves are not bad, but rest is needed to recover and rebuild them into stronger muscles. The process takes quite a while, but thats why sleep is so important when engaging in a workout routine. Only 1/3 of Americans even get the recommended amount of sleep each night, but that will not work for anyone trying to build up their muscle mass.

Anyone trying to build up their muscle needs to get no less than 8 hours of sleep every night to give their muscles the time to recover. With this sleep, testosterone levels can also increase to promote improvements in muscle building.

Reduce Resting Time Between Each Set

Anyone that has spent some time in the gym probably recognizes many of the people there. While many people look to shed weight effectively during their workouts, others build their muscles. People who constantly work out seem to build up their muscles much more rapidly than the individuals who like to socialize around the machines, but why?

Spending less time between each set allows their muscles to stay constantly engaged. The most time anyone should be taking between one set in the next, its no more than 90 seconds. Some would even say that 30 seconds is pushing it. Resting for too long allows the muscles to fully relax, damaging the likelihood of success.

Make Sure Your Form Is Perfect

With every single repetition and set, the form that the individual takes matters. Consumers may believe that there are many ways to take the proper form, but it is not flexible. Every lift is different, but keeping a neutral back and going through the entire exercise motion is a good start. Allow the movements to slowly progress to put more resistance on the muscles, building them up easily. Though the user will need to breathe how they lift, they will breathe in as they slowly lower the weight. While it is still possible to see muscle gains by pushing through the movements at a less patient pace, it will not increase the muscle as rapidly as desired.

Eat More Every Day


By working out, the body is already going through many more calories than it usually would. That is not an excuse to indulge in heavy meals like an entire pizza or a dozen cheeseburgers, but it is essential to eat more food throughout the day to keep the momentum going. Some experts believe that up to six meals a day are perfect for building muscle.

The reason that these additional meals work is due to muscle protein synthesis. This process naturally occurs in the body as the amino acids help damaged muscle tissue recover and rebuild. With multiple meals throughout the day, this protein synthesis can appear to improve muscle growth.

Add Supersets to Your Routine

While there are many ways to incorporate supersets, they have been discussed in the fitness industry for decades already. One of the earliest supporters of the superset is none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he has quite the fit body as evidence. He even credited this method because he won seven Mr. Olympia titles and three Mr. Universe titles during the 1970s.

The concept of a superset is relatively simple  combining two different exercises into one set. However, the key is not to rest between these two exercises. While this method can be pretty brutal for anyone unprepared for it, it has an incredible impact on hypertrophy and metabolism. Supersets are also a fantastic way to save time without sacrificing the workout.

Keep Up with Your Workout Every Day

No matter what workout someone takes on, they have to stick with it. Many people have started with a regular workout week of 5 days without breaks, only later ditching their regimen for more relaxing days at home. Admittedly, this step takes a lot of willpower, but the potential gains cannot be ignored. Keeping up with the same moderation (with gradual increases) helps to create a healthy habit.

Keeping up with the regimen isnt just about the positive impact it has on muscle gains. When the body starts getting used to a new routine but is quickly shut down by laziness or even illness, it starts to revert to the unmotivated state that it began as. Taking an extended break can lose all of the incredible progress that someone has had to that point, which can make the return much harder.

Dont Push Yourself Too Hard When You Start

Enthusiasm and dedication are great qualities to have when starting any new workout, but dont let it lead to bad decisions. Anyone who starts their routine to gain muscle rapidly is likely seeking instant gratification, but no inexperienced person can get those massive gains on the first day. If the individual has never lifted in their life, they will need to start with a modest weight and a lower number of reps than someone who has been working hard for months.

It wont take long for the body to catch up to the desire for growth. With time, the muscles will be ready for the pressure placed on them during major workouts and supersets. However, when just starting, take it easy on the body to avoid becoming incredibly overwhelmed.

Eat Smart

Everything that goes into the body needs to be fuel for the workouts that users endure. Everything goes towards synthesizing new muscles, so the right foods are necessary to carry out this goal. While rewarding the body with a pint of ice cream or a large pepperoni pizza may seem tempting, these options do not give the body enough energy and protein to promote the recovery of muscles between workouts.

Some of the best foods to add to any muscle-building routine are lean red meat, chicken breast, cottage cheese, salmon, and eggs. Users will need to eat approximately 1 gram of protein for every 1 pound of their body weight to keep up with the demands of the muscle. It is also important to incorporate plenty of fresh produce and carbohydrates to keep up with energy. While carbohydrates were once thought of as the enemy of weight loss, they help bodybuilders keep up their energy through their workouts.

Always Warm Up Your Muscles


The biggest reason that people fail to get the growth and results from their workout is that they dont give themselves time to warm the muscles up. The muscles need to go through the warming-up process to make them more flexible, easier to prevent injury. It also helps the muscles build up more and already have proper circulation before starting the first life.

Using jumping jacks and pushups as a way to warm up the muscles is an excellent idea. Users will only need to do a couple of sets to prepare before a routine, but only the participants will thoroughly engage the muscles.

Dont Lose Focus During the Down-Lift

Most people focus on the concentric part of the lift as they bring the weights back up. Releasing that weight at the end of a challenging set is practically a relief, giving them a break from holding onto the immense weight. Some people drop the weights at the end, but they miss out on an essential step in the movement.

To get more out of this part of the left, keep things slow. Do not drop the dumbbells suddenly, but slowly count to 3 as they are released. The effort behind this movement can lead to much faster muscle growth, and it can help bring the Rep to failure much faster.

Take Fewer Days Off

Even though one of the tips earlier in this list was to be consistent, it is also important not to go too many days between each workout. Setting new limits each time can profoundly impact muscle growth, but it is also essential to have specific days off. Randomly taking a day off here or there will only lead to inconsistency, but having a plan today off can give exhausted gym-goers something to look forward to when they are tired.

Though the number of days off will entirely depend on the individual user, most people believe that one or two days off each week is plenty. Focus on keeping the days off split apart to prevent multiple days in a row from being the off days. By leaving too much of a gap, motivation and progress go straight out the window.

Make Sure to Hydrate


Hydration is vital for any workout or fitness routine, even if the individual only wants to lose weight. Every single time that the body starts sweating, more water is lost through the pores. Theres a lot of sweat happening with a good workout, and all of it has to be restored. Without proper hydration, consumers put themselves at risk for cramps, injury, and fatigue. They can even over-exhaust themselves from dehydration.

Typically, consumers try to get eight glasses of water a day to make a difference. However, that is not scientifically proven. Keep a water bottle nearby at all times, drinking as often as possible to stay hydrated. Whenever the individual starts to become thirsty, take another drink. The only way to overcome the possibility of dehydration is to listen to the body when it sends the message. Here, the message is clear  drink more water.

Engage Every Muscle Group At Least 2-3 Times Weekly

Muscle groups need to be constantly engaged to see progress, which can easily be done through the splits discussed earlier in this guide. However, the muscles still need attention for each group at least three times a week. It is easy to split them up if necessary, but each muscle group needs to get specific attention to make progress during these muscle gains. Doing a full-body workout can be rather exhausting, and breaking up the muscle groups two to three times each week makes it more achievable.

By splitting up these muscle groups properly, it can be easy to game muscle mass rapidly. If the user feels ready to do a complete workout for each day, they can do the same thing. Only doing one training for the entire body each week is not enough to sustain healthy muscle gain. Consumers need to put in the time and effort to make a difference.

Keep a Pen and Paper Handy

Keeping track of everything done during a workout can make consumers more aware of what theyre doing. Most people are so focused on the routine that they may not recall how many reps they didnt each set or how much weight they have increased through the last ten workouts. Keeping a notebook available at all times can help to record these workouts to see where there is room for improvement. It also allows consumers to remember precisely how they may have changed the most recent training theyve performed.

Constructing new muscle mass is not a project that can be taken lightly. Every person only gets one body to work on, and it is essential to know precisely how they have engaged their body to make progress. By writing things down, users can have a journal of exactly what they are doing that is working and what they may need to fix. With all of the detail possible, progress becomes substantially more straightforward.

Understand When You Are Sore or Hurt

There is an inevitable necessity and responsibility of anyone working out to build up their muscle mass. Even though there are jokes about feeling the burn of a good workout and feeling sore the next day, circumstances can also lead to injury in the gym. It is essential to know the difference between the workout that needs soothing during recovery and the type resulting from an injury that needs treatment. Pain is not always a sign that training is effective. Sometimes, it is a sign to seek out help.

If someone is ready to perform their workout with the bench press and notices some soreness in their chest or arms from working the muscles, that is not a problem. However, if someone is putting down a free wait and suddenly hears a pop or experiences shooting pain, that needs to be dealt with immediately. Do not work out with an injury; seek out medical assistance instead to prevent the matter from getting worse than it already is.

Incorporate the Right Supplement


Supplements can make an incredible difference in any workout routine. While many people immediately think of steroids effects, that is not the recommendation here. Workout supplements often have natural ingredients like creatine, beta-alanine, and BCAAs to nourish the muscles through the workout. Many companies offer to stack multiple formulas simultaneously to help with each step of the exercise. The proper nutrients can help the muscles work more efficiently during their routine and help with the recovery period. Every single step is necessary to bulk up muscle mass.

Beta-alanine is a great ingredient to incorporate into supplements for anyone who wants to build up their muscle mass at a rapid pace. It helps eliminate fatigue in these muscles with a long workout, enabling the user to keep training as the muscles grow. These supplements are not meant to do any of the work for the user, which is why it is so important to incorporate them with a consistent workout routine. Follow the directions provided to ensure that they offer the proper support as needed.

Give the Muscles a Shock

The muscles need to have a consistent routine, but they also need to be surprised with high-intensity work. Anyone that regularly lifts weights as part of their workout routine has reached a point where they feel like their progress has plateaued. Once the greatest extent of the muscle gains has been reached, this is common because there is less room for the muscles to grow. However, individuals still at the earliest stages of their routine may feel the need to push themselves a little further.

Rather than going through the routine the same way that someone always says, change it up. This change shouldnt happen when the user is still establishing their training, but it is perfect timing for anyone who has been doing their workout for several months and found themselves at a halting point. To shock the muscles, increase the first set by 10 pounds after a warm up or integrate a superset to combine movements that work well together. The whole purpose of this step is to push the body outside of the comfort zone that it usually resides in.

Dont Overindulge When Its An Off Day

Some people misunderstand the purpose of having certain days off during their workout routine. Some people take this time to fully indulge in the unhealthy habits that they would ordinarily take on if they werent working, making their results even harder to achieve. That doesnt mean that consumers shouldnt take the extra time to give themselves relaxation. However, it is still important to keep consuming suitable proteins and a healthy balance of food in their diet to recover.

Plenty of the recovery process takes place on the days that consumers arent even working out. Since they arent engaging in the same amount of physical activity, indulging in carbohydrates would be a foolish choice. The body simply would not be able to burn off those carbohydrates, leading to more weight gained and more to work off. Without as much energy used during those days, consumers need to be even more aware of the foods they put into their bodies. No one wants all of their challenging work to be for nothing.

Remember Leg Day!

With all of this work on the upper body, it is easy to forget that other muscle groups need attention. Many people focus entirely on the muscles from the waist up, ignoring the muscle they can bulk up on their thighs and calves. No one wants to have an unbalanced look that gives them incredible girth on top with skinny legs on the bottom. The image itself would be rather absurd to see, and no one wants to put in all of that work just to look ridiculous.

With just three workouts for the entire body each week, make sure to include routines that can support the muscles of the legs. Even if the days are split up, make sure that one of the days is entirely focused on improving the strength and muscle in the legs. With this focus, maintaining proportion in the body will make the results even more incredible.

Use a Pre-Workout Shake to Start a Workout

Every bit of nutrients that an individual gets before working out is crucial. Choosing a pre-workout drink that is rich with branched-chain amino acids can be the ticket to incredible progress. These formulas are meant to be consumed at least an hour before users start their routine, though it shouldnt be that much sooner.

These shakes are relatively easy to prepare if they are not already in a liquid form. Users will usually get approximately 10 to 20 grams of BCAAs in the formula, though it is often combined with carbohydrates. If a protein shake is too much to bear, getting some protein is still essential. Preparing a sandwich with lean protein and cheese can have the same impact, though it may take longer for the nutrients to digest appropriately.

Keep Your Workout the Same


Working up to incredible muscle gains takes time, even if the individual is constantly working to achieve their goals. Ultimately, nobody suddenly becomes a champion within a few days, and it can take several weeks to build up for the next level. Establishing the proper form for different movements and deciding on the best workout schedule is a process that can take several weeks. Searching for the perfect workout can take up a lot of time, but there is no need to change things repeatedly for months to get the desired effect. Changing things frequently can make it impossible to see if the workouts are even working in the first place.

There might be a few changes initially as the body gets used to a new routine, but theres no way to say which part of these changes can be attributed to the success of the workout itself or simply changing what is going on each day. Any gains experienced will likely be minimal, discouraging many people for they even begin.

Prepare a workout strategy that is rooted in the right warm-up routine, progression, and short breaks. Even by starting with those goals in mind, reaching the desired effects becomes much more straightforward.

Pass on the Machine Routine

Even though it may be tempting to step onto one of the weight machines in a gym, it does a lot more harm than good. Older fitness enthusiasts tend to go for these machines to prevent the risk of harming themselves with their current routine. However, individuals trying to bulk up their muscle mass dont want to take the pressure off. Instead, they need to keep the pressure on, allowing them to activate different muscle groups with free weights, barbells, and other equipment that isnt attached to a machine. By using a machine, the user is unable to engage with many muscles.

Dumbbells offer one of the easiest ways to engage many muscle groups at the same time. Dumbbells can be used while sitting on the bench, standing, or even laying back. Each arm has to fully control the muscle groups for each movement to keep the dumbbells stable. There is a balance involved with this kind of workout, so users inherently get better training.

Dont Go Jogging

Gaining muscle fast is all about engaging them in a way that can increase their girth and mass. However, as helpful as jogging might be to losing weight, it isnt conducive to significant muscle gains. Jogging and running come with many health benefits that can support cardiovascular health, but they wont help build up the individuals muscle. It can cause them to shrink even more, creating more work to build them back up.

By running, consumers trigger the metabolism to be more efficient in burning fat. However, the problem with muscle-building is not the fat; instead, it is simply building up the body with methods that work.

Consider the Connection Between Mind and Muscle

Working out is a complete experience, and it doesnt just involve the workout that the individual is performing. It is easy to do tons of different exercises for the biceps and triceps, but the mind also has to be involved with the workout to make a difference truly. The concentration put into each movement can make each one more effective than the last, helping to engage more muscle fibers at once.

This mind-muscle connection has an incredible effect on increasing the gaining of new muscle mass. Though it may seem like a myth that has made its way through gyms everywhere, this concept is backed up by scientific evidence. Anyone that wants to promote better muscle development may need to get their mind in the right place before their next workout.

Use Movements That Promote Testosterone Production


Testosterone is a crucial part of the muscle-building process. Though every person in the world has some amount of it in their body, men tend to have a greater abundance than women. Though it is often thought of as simply a sex hormone, maintaining healthy muscle mass has a greater purpose. When the body has more testosterone, it is easier to reach the sizable muscles that consumers are trying to achieve.

Theres no need to get shots or medication to increase testosterone since lifting exercises (like compound lifts) can help. Some of these effective lifts include deadlifts and pullups, triggering the release of the hormone effectively. All of the methods to improve muscle growth at a rapid pace can likely also increase testosterone. Realize Your Limitations.

No one is invincible. Some people are born with a figure that is meant to be sculpted into fine and strong muscles. Every movement comes relatively easy to them, and they dont have to think about every calorie they consume to avoid gaining weight. This good fortune is often just a matter of genetics, which means everyone is left to work with what they have. That doesnt mean they cant improve their body, but it does mean that being realistic about what that body can do will give a better idea of the workout that will help them the most.

Accepting that every person is different can help anyone see what they could do with their bodies. The goal is to be the best version of oneself, rather than an imitation of someone else.

Just Start Working Out!

It may seem simple to just go to the gym, but many people psych themselves out before even lacing up their sneakers for the first day. Many people stop themselves before they even begin by thinking about the process too much or making a complicated routine that is far too difficult to handle. It doesnt matter whether the individual works out at home or a health club with plenty of equipment available to them. The key is to start. Nothing else can happen until that does.

Dont expect the first session to be perfect. Theres a lot to learn, and many adjustments will likely have to be made as time goes on. However, starting is more important than any other thing the user will take because the second day cannot happen without the first. It doesnt matter whether they only get through eight repetitions or they must quit earlier than they expected. The point is to keep trying.

Best Ways to Gain Muscle Fast Naturally Final Thoughts

Gaining muscle fast is complex, and there is no effortless way to do it. The only way to get this extra muscle mass is to put in the work. Dont waste time available socializing through text messages or taking far too many days off in a row. Dedication is required to reap the benefits. Nothing worth achieving has ever been done without effort. By going over this list, consumers can be more prepared for the journey ahead of them.

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