How many pages is a journal article

Electronic journal articlesUsually you ignore the web address and give the reference as you would for a printed journal article.You should only use this electronic journal article

How many pages is a journal article

Electronic journal articles

Usually you ignore the web address and give the reference as you would for a printed journal article.

You should only use this electronic journal article format when the journal:

  • Has no volume, issue and page numbers, or
  • Is not available as a print version at all (or youre not sure)

or when the article is "forthcoming, in press or online ahead of print,so that it is available electronically but has not yet been given a place in a print issue and assigned page numbers. In that case you put Epub ahead of print where the volume, issue and page numbers normally go.

A reference to an electronic journal article will look like this:

Author(s) (Year) Article title.Journal title. Volume(Issue), Page numbers. Web address/DOI and date accessed.

Some ejournals assign a single page number to each article within the journal, even though each individual article is many pages long. If you find an article that is more than one page long but the journals information about it only gives it one page number:

Use the page number that the journal gives you, but add the number of pages that the article really has in square brackets so that you can cite individual pages inside the article if you need to. It will look like this 19(6), 5 [10 pages].

Examples of references

Day, L.,Fildes, B., Gordon, I., Fitzharris, M., Flamer, H. and Lord, S. (2002) Randomised factorial trial of falls prevention among older people living in their own homes.BMJ325(7356), 128 [6 pages]. 9 September 2019.

License, S., Smith, R., McGuigan M.P. and Earnest, C.P. (2015) Gait pattern alterations during walking, texting and walking and texting during cognitively distractive tasks while negotiating common pedestrian obstacles.PLOS one0133281 Accessed 12 August 2015.

Sacchi,M., Serafino, M., Villani, E., Tagliabue, E., Luccarelli, S., Bonsignore, F. and Nucci, P. (2019) Efficacy of atropine 0.01% for the treatment of childhood myopia in European patients. Acta ophthalmologica Epub ahead of print Accessed 20 August 2019.

Examples of citing in the text of your work:Heyden et al. (2018) or (Heyden et al. 2018).

Here are the full rules about each piece of information:

  1. Author(s) of the article. Use family name, followed by initial(s).
  2. Year of publication (in round brackets).
  3. Title of the article.
  4. Title of the journal, which must bein italics.
  5. Volume number and issue number, if available (issue number in brackets).
  6. First and last page numbers of the article, if available (separated by a dash -).
  7. Web address, or doi if available
  8. "Accessed" followed by the date you looked at the article.

EndNote reference type - use Electronic Journal Article.You may have to change the type in EndNote from Journal article. Ensure that the Access Date is entered in the Date Accessed field

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