How do Japanese write time?

How to describe Time in JapaneseHour 時 [ji]日本語[Japanese]読み[Reading]英語[English]0時 (零時)rē-ji0 o'clock1時 (一時)ichi-ji1 o'clock2時 (二時)ni-ji2 o'clock3時 (三時)san-ji3 o'clock4時 (四時)yo-ji4 o

How do Japanese write time?

How to describe Time in Japanese

Hour 時 [ji]日本語[Japanese]読み[Reading]英語[English]0時 (零時)rē-ji0 o'clock1時 (一時)ichi-ji1 o'clock2時 (二時)ni-ji2 o'clock3時 (三時)san-ji3 o'clock4時 (四時)yo-ji4 o'clock5時 (五時)go-ji5 o'clock6時 (六時)roku-ji6 o'clock7時 (七時)shichi-ji7 o'clock8時 (八時)hachi-ji8 o'clock9時 (九時)ku-ji9 o'clock10時 (十時)jū-ji10 o'clock11時 (十一時)jūichi-ji11 o'clock12時 (十二時)jūni-ji12 o'clock正午shōgo12 noon何時nan-jiWhat time?午前gozena.m.午後gogop.m.

See Numbers page to learn how to read numbers.

Add 時 [ji] after numbers. Irregular readings are colored in red.

Arabic number is usually used.

Minute 分 [fun]日本語 [nihongo]読み [yomi]英語 [eigo]0分 (〇分)rē-fun / zero-fun0 minute1分 (一分)ip-pun1 minute past2分 (二分)ni-fun2 minutes past3分 (三分)san-pun3 minutes past4分 (四分)yon-pun4 minutes past5分 (五分)go-fun5 minutes past6分 (六分)rop-pun6 minutes past7分 (七分)nana-fun7 minutes past8分 (八分)hap-pun8 minutes past9分 (九分)kyū-fun9 minutes past10分 (一〇分)jup-pun10 minutes past11分 (一一分)jūip-pun11 minutes past20分 (二〇分)nijup-pun20 minutes past23分 (二三分)ni jūsan-pun23 minutes past30分 (三〇分)sanjup-pun30 minutes past35分 (三五分)sanjūgo-fun35 minutes past40分 (四〇分)yonjup-pun40 minutes past47分 (四七分)yonjūnana-fun47 minutes past50分 (五〇分)gojup-pun50 minutes past59分 (五九分)gojūkyū-fun59 minutes past半hanhalf past何分nan-pun?

Add 分 [fun or pun] after numbers.

分 is pronounced fun or pun depending on after which number it follows.

2, 5, 7, 9 minutes are [fun], 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 minutes are [pun]. After 10 minutes, the same pattern will be repeated.

0分 can be read either way, [rē fun] or [zero fun].

Second 秒 [byō]日本語 [にほんご]読み [よみ]英語 [えいご]0秒zero-byō / rē-byō0 second1秒ichi-byō1 second2秒ni-byō2 seconds3秒san-byō3 seconds4秒yon-byō4 seconds5秒go-byō5 seconds6秒roku-byō6 seconds7秒nana-byō7 seconds8秒hachi-byō8 seconds9秒kyu-byō9 seconds10秒jū-byō10 seconds0.1秒rē ten ichi-byō0.1 seconds0.02秒rē ten zeroni-byō0.02 seconds何秒nan-byō?

Add 秒[byo] after numbers.

0 before the decimal point is read [rē], 0 after the point can be either way, [rē] or [zero].

Examples4:30 amGozen yo-ji sanjup-pun / Gozen yo-ji han9:10 pmGogo ku-ji jup-pun7:53Shichi-ji gojūsan-pun12 noonGogo jūni-ji / Shōgo12 midnightGozen rē-ji

Duration 期間 [kikan]日本語読み英語3時間san-jikan3 hours何時間nan-jikanHow many hours?10分間jup-punkanminute(s)何分間nan-punkanHow many minutes?5秒間go-byōkan5 seconds何秒間nan-byōkanHow many seconds?

Add 間 [kan] at the end.

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