How can I become fluent in Italian fast?

Located in the heart of the MediterraneanSea, Italy is one of the most popular European holiday destinations and is home to one of the most desired languagesto learn worldwide.Poet

How can I become fluent in Italian fast?

Located in the heart of the MediterraneanSea, Italy is one of the most popular European holiday destinations and is home to one of the most desired languagesto learn worldwide.

Poets and writers initially romanticised Italian, and many centuries of eloquent poetry and prose have perfected the language of love. However, learning the beautiful language isn't as easy as we'd all like it to be. This is why we've put together an ultimate list of exciting tools to help you become fluent in Italian quickly and efficiently, so you can begin speaking Italian like a native in next to no time!

You'll find a variety of resources, that alongside private Italian tuition will suit your learning style. This tool will help you find an expert online, or local Italian tutor, that will adapt their lessons to help you become fluent fast!

Take a look at our recommended Italian apps, websites, podcasts, videos, books - and even great Italian immersion courses so you can learn Italian and holiday at the same time.

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Best Apps to Learn Italian

Best Tutor to Learn Italian

Best Websites to Learn Italian

Best Podcasts and Videos to Learn Italian

Best Italian Language and Culture Blogs

Best Books and Games to Learn Italian

Best Places to Learn Italian in Italy

Best Apps To Learn Italian

News in Slow Italian

Why we love News in Slow Italian

The program is designed specifically for Intermediate Italian learners and it's updated weekly, so students can improve their Italian through current events. The news stories and conversations are read at a slower pace to improve comprehension, and the audio also includes a transcript with contextual translations.

Besides news, the program offers grammar in context, idiomatic expressions, quizzes, pronunciation and live conversation practice with other subscribers. The content is accessible 24/7, via desktop, smartphone or tablet. Many teachers and schools use our program and recommend it as an engaging tool for the classroom.

SDL Translate

Why we love SDL Translate

SDL Translate is your 'all in one' translation solution. It's a communication platform, phrase dictionary, language teacher, and travel companion. With over 90 language pairings including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese and Arabic (, SDL Translate covers every corner of the globe.

Italian by Nemo

Why we love Italian by Nemo

We love that this app helps you learn great pronunciation guided by a native Italian speaker. As well as teaching you Italian vocabulary at an impressive rate, the accent features of this language learning app really stand out against every other app we tested. The Speech Studio helps you perfect your accent in a few easy steps - you'll be delighted to see how quickly your foreign accent disappears!

In 24 Hours Learn Italian

Why we love the app by SNA Consulting

This app is ideal for those who have just booked impromptu trips to Italy. Providing students, tourists or businessmen with an audiovisual learning experience on how to speak the Italian language in 24 hours!

Learn Italian with LearnMatch

Why we love LearnMatch

LearnMatch is an innovative vocabulary trainer incorporating six learning languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese).

The app is sports themed, so perfect for anyone who loves to get active! Interesting and exciting for adults, kids and teenagers and as the cherry on top, for additional motivation, users that obtain the most points in monthly Kicker-Challenge receive fantastic prizes.

Download now: Apple

Speak Italian

Why we love Speak Italian by Holfield

Learn all the essential phrases for your upcoming trip to Italy, quickly and efficiently. The wonderful pronunciation feature will help you speak like a true Italian, just make sure you learn the phrase "I'm sorry, I'm English," just in case you're that little too believable!

Best Tutor to Learn Italian

Stefano an Italian tutors profile photo on Tutorful

Name: Stefano L

Price: £35

Summary:Experienced and friendly Italian tutor

Reviews from other students:

"First full lesson with Stefano! He was patient, challenging  and motivating. Can't wait until my next lesson..."

Italian tutor's profile photo on Tutorful

Name:Annalisa P


Summary:Enthusiatic Native Italian Tutor

Reviews from other students:

Annalisa was such a positive and encouraging teacher and the lessons were great fun. We highly recommend her!"

Italian tutors profile photo on Tutorful

Name:Paolo D


Summary:Italian language tutor

Reviews from other students:

"I am loving my lessons with Paola. However busy or tired I am, I really look forward to our lessons. Highly recommend!"

Interested in finding Italian tutors either online or in your local area who could help you get from beginner to fluent in no time? Simply click the button below!Find an Italian tutor near me

Best Websites To Learn Italian


Why we love Dualingo

The website was created so everyone, everywhere can learn languages in the most efficient way for them. Probably the world's most popular language learning platform. Quick, intuitive and absolutely free!

Visit the website

The Italian Experiment

Why we love The Italian Experiment

Learners can read and listen to Fairy Tales and stories in Italian, with the help of an optional English translation. The stories all come with beautifully slow, clear audio so that Italian learners can hear all the words clearly.

The stories are written in "normal" Italian (as opposed to the archaic language and tenses that you sometimes get in the traditional versions), with plenty of repetition. The stories were originally designed for adult learners of Italian, but The Italian Experiment now gets a lot of teachers and parents using them with youngsters too.

Online Italian Club

Why we love Online Italian Club

This is one for Italian language students looking for some handy free Italian revision materials. If you know your level already, click their handy links to take you to a hub of useful resources, online lessons, and pronunciation tips. The ideal online resource for GSCE through to degree level Italian students.


Why we love Conjugate

One of the trickiest parts of learning Italian is verb conjugations. They are rather illogical, and it is hard to grasp them from plain conversation because the trickier forms are used rarely.

Consequently, perhaps the only way to learn them properly is by doing a simple and fast repetitive drill exercise regularly. Conjugate is a simple tool which precisely helps with this exact problem.

Visit the website


Why we love Forvo

Forvo is an extremely useful service that can provide pronunciations that no other company can offer. Not many people can be exposed to foreign languages and their different accents, which is critical when learning a language.This is the reason why learners who visit can rely on the pronunciations, which are recorded by native speakers.

Visit the website


Why we love LanguageTool

LanguageTool is a proof­reading platform for many languages; including English and Italian. It is also a wonderful Chrome extension, useful for Italian students writing essays or long-form content.

Italian Language Guide

Why we love Italian Language Guide

A comprehensive online Italian language guide, covering everything you could possibly need to help you become fluent. You'll find plenty of great content covering vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and much more!

One World

Why we love One World

A fantastic free website with awesome educational materials and resources to support your Italian language learning.

Play Learn Italian

Why we love Play Learn Italian

Staying motivated whilst learning a language isn't an easy task. The language games on this intuitive site can help you regain your interest in the subject, whilst teaching and quizzing your current knowledge. Make sure you allow Flash Player, otherwise you won't be able to play!

Best Podcasts and Videos To Learn Italian

5 Minute Italian

Why we love 5 Minute Italian

Where's the toilet? How much is it? Two coffees, per favore! 5-minute Italian is a fun podcast which teaches Italian in bite-sized pieces. Listeners get a unique introduction to the language and culture through the eyes of Katie, a Brit who followed her passion for pizza, landscapes and languages to Italy and her other half Matteo, Italian born and bred.

Katie and Matteo believe that learning a language is all about connecting with people, so they created 5-minute Italian to let listeners into their lives in Milan, together with the Facebook group where the community practices chatting together in Italian.

Learn Italian with Lucrezia

Why we love to Learn Italian with Lucrezia

Lucrezia always tries to be as clear as she possibly can in her videos and always uses language that she would use in her daily life. Grammar is hugely important, and she explores ways to learn it in interesting ways.

Lucrezia keeps it fun and gives context to all her examples, so that students wont shy away from it, thinking it is too hard. If you want to learn about using language in real life, this is the YouTube channel for you!

Check out the channel

Coffee Break Italian

Why we love Coffee Break Italian

Coffee Break Italian is a fantastic way to maximise your downtime and learn Italian where and when it suits you. The course features structured lessons in which you'll join teacher Mark, native speaker Francesca and learner Katie, and you'll be the "second learner".

You'll learn to use Italian in many situations, and you'll build an understanding of how the language works so that you'll be able to say what you want to say, when you need to say it! Coffee Break Italian features audio, video and text materials and is perfect for beginners through to intermediate students.

Rick's Rome

Why we love Rick's Rome

Rick's podcast topics range from useful pronunciation advice and general language tips to dating in Italy and Italian superstitions. An all-round fabulous talk show with just the right amount of humour and cultural insight.

Check out Rick's Italy podcast

30 Minute Italian

Why we love 30 Minute Italian

Boost your confidence in speaking Italian in 30 minutes or less with the 30 Minute Italian Podcast. Covering expressions, grammar, and culture through personal travel stories, with detailed examples of a new language in context.

The Travel Linguist

Why we loveThe Travel Linguist

With the Travel Linguist, you can learn over 15 languages - including Italian! A great channel if you're trying to learn key words and phrases on the go. Watch the videos at home, on the train, or even on the plane (although you might be cutting this a little too close.)

Actual Fluency

Why we loveActual Fluency

Before you even start learning Italian, it's important to know the different techniques that could help you on the way to fluency. The Actual Fluency Podcast is a conversation with the language experts straight to your phone, with plenty of awesome tips on learning languages and altering your learning style to suit your lifestyle.

Ciao Citalia

Why we loveCiao Citalia

Join Romina and Clive as they take you on the journey to fluent Italian! A great evening listen if you've got an upcoming holiday booked to the romantic country with everything from restaurant language tips to survival phrases!

Best Italian Language and Culture Blogs

Studentessa Matta

Why we love Studentessa Matta

The Studentessa Matta Language blog promotes the study Italian language and culture through dual-language posts. On the site, you will find lots of free ways to practice and improve your Italian skills. As well as encouragement and inspiration and insight about language learning and traveling in Italy based on personal and unique experiences.

The Matta concept has grown to include the Matta YouTube channel and podcast Tutti Matti per lItaliano, as well as the Matta Facebook page where you'll find daily grammar tips, and Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Visit the blog

Questa Dolce Vita

Why we love Questa Dolce Vita

This blog is a tell-it-like-it-is narrative from the unique perspective of a twenty-something second gen Chinese-Canadian living in Italy and learning Italian.

Jasmine provides insightful commentary on a variety of cultural and linguistic issues including what its like to be an English-speaking visible minority abroad and how she uses the language to bridge the cultural gaps. The blog addresses life-changing topics you've pondered but never asked out loud like whether the Italian accent can stop being sexy and what Im really thinking when Im speaking Italian.

Visit the blog

La Brutta Figura

Why we love La Brutta Figura

La Brutta Figura is about sharing Italian culture and lifestyle for someone with a deep interest in the country, rather than a passing tourist. While the blog touches on everything from recipes, to local festivals, to regional art forms, all stem from the same desire to connect readers with the 'real' Italy.

Readers won't find 'top 10 things to do in Rome' or 'why you should see the Duomo of Milan', they'll find where Venetian locals ride a gondola for 2 euros, where pilgrims visit the sacred House of the Virgin Mary, and what to expect at an Italian wedding.

Visit the blog

Bleeding Espresso

Why we love Bleeding Espresso

Michelle started Bleeding Espresso to keep in touch family and friends as well as working up a freelance writing business. In the years since it began, the blog has become a wonderful source of insight into Italian life in the medieval hilltop village of Badolato.

You'll find insights into southern Italian life, interesting books, Italian recipes, and traditions - the perfect companion to your Italian language lessons.

I Learn Italian Blog

Why we love the I Learn Italian blog

Every day, each of us spends a huge amount of time commuting from home to work on public transport. In the past, this may have been considered dead time, but as most of us now carry a smartphone, tablet or laptop, we can use this time for learning. Apps, websites and mobile learning games are great tools for language learning. Antonio's aim is to give students a tool to improve their studies from home with technology outside his classroom.

Girl in Florence

Why we love Girl in Florence

Georgette is a Texas girl living and thriving in the historical metropolis of Florence. Her blog has been her passion since 2012 - and it's clear to see why! Her enviable life is depicted through the insightful blog posts, interviews, stories and photographs, making it a great place to peruse for a taste of authentic Italian culture.

Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino

Why we love Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino

If you're looking for a glimpse into life in the beautiful capital city of Rome through its delicious delicacies, then Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino should be your first port of call.Elenora writes about Italian culinary customs, shares restaurant reviews and offers useful tools for parents traveling with kids in Rome.

EastItalian Blog

Why we love the EastItalian Blog

This blog covers many useful Italian language and culture topics, in an easy to read, digestible format. You'll find great top 10 lists, language learning tips, and all-important grammar rules.

Best Books and Games to Learn Italian

English Grammar for Students of Italian (O&H Study Guides)

Why we love English Grammar for Students

When you're learning a language it can be tricky enough just getting to grips with the new words and phrases, never mind the grammar! But when your textbook refers to technical terms and concepts that you haven't come across before, the grammar can be even more difficult to understand.

This book makes it easier by illustrating how these same terms and concepts relate to English so that students can instantly recognise the similarities and differences between Italian and English grammar. With straightforward explanations and examples, review exercises and study tips, it's a helpful guide for anyone learning Italian.

Check out the book

Lil'ollo Flashcards

Why we love Lil'ollo flashcards

Lilollo is about connecting families with languages, play, travel and more. They design beautiful, fun and engaging learning products for children and their grown-ups. Create a world at home to learn languages and explore the globe through play, with games, flashcards, maps, and posters.

La Bella Lingua

Why we loveLa Bella Lingua

Since its publication in 2009, La Bella Lingua has become a New York Times best-seller as well as a highly recommended resource by various associations of Italian teachers.

The reason, is that it offers a unique combination of an accurate history and depiction of the language and an engaging writing style. The book has motivated hundreds of people studying Italian to learn the language, provides insights into Italian culture, and adds to their enjoyment of Italy and Italian.

Rick Steves' Italian Phrase Book & Dictionary

Why we love Rick Steves' Italian Phrasebook

You'll find all those need-to-know phrases for everyday conversations. Complete with phonetic spelling, Italian-English, and English-Italian dictionary, transportation advice and up to date information on the Euro. It's one of the most concise yet perfectly informative Italian phrase books you can buy!

Italian Grammar (Barron's Grammar)

Why we loveItalian Grammar

Our favourite fast-reference Italian grammar guide. Whether you're a student and need a handy revision resource, or translator, this book offers pocket-sized language knowledge when you really need it.

Italian Short Stories For Beginners: 8 Unconventional Short Stories to Grow Your Vocabulary and Learn Italian the Fun Way!

Why we love Italian short stories

A book that every beginner Italian language speaker should own! You'll find a variety of captivating short stories that'll help you see how far you've come in learning the language and give you the opportunity to learn more vocabulary in an exciting way.

Best Places To Learn Italian In Italy


Why we love Babilonia

Leaning Italian, surrounded by non-Italian speakers can make it difficult to maintain a practice schedule and stay committed to learning. Babolina offers the dream experience to learn Italian in the beautiful Isle of Scilly. The Italian language school is located in the heart of Taormina. Taormina sits atop Mount Tauro, just above the Bay of Naxos, the first Greek colony in Sicily, founded in 735 BC.

Visit the website

Live and Learn Italian

Why we love Live and Learn Italian

Live and Learn Italian is a small independent business offering one-of-a-kind Italian language holidays, in a quaint Italian village. If you want to learn the wonderful language surrounded by friendly, native Italian speakers, and experience quintessentially Italian culture, we highly recommend!

This is a unique project, welcoming mature learners to live amongst an authenticcommunity. Informal and friendly communication enables us to learn whileencouraging them to preserve traditions and share their history, cooking, andcustoms. Studying with books is important, but lots of practice with relaxedcommunication is the key to great learning.

Visit the website

Feeling fluent yet? If you enjoyed this article you might also be interested in awesome Spanish and French resources.

We think there's plenty of great Italian learning resources there to keep you occupied, but if you think we've missed any, drop me an email at

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