Does affection mean love?

LifestyleWhy Do People Need To Redefine The Meaning Of Love And Affectionkuldeep sharma @My Experiences Sep 12, 2020, 10:52 ISTSometimes, over-caring and affection can be a problem

Does affection mean love?


Why Do People Need To Redefine The Meaning Of Love And Affection

kuldeep sharma

kuldeep sharma @My Experiences Sep 12, 2020, 10:52 IST

Sometimes, over-caring and affection can be a problem for an individual, because under such a situation, one often appears vulnerable and fragile. Affection and love are the purest emotions that, nowadays, rarely few people have. People now construe physical attraction as the epitome of love. Consequently, after some time, this temporary attachment declines between the two people, and the reason is simply that they do not have pure love.

They just have needs in some form or the other. Besides this, it has been observed that it is not easy to find the right person with whom one can achieve compatibility. There always remains a certain difference between the two people, and these differences later become a major impediment or source of a feud between them.

Nowadays, thedefinition of love and affectionhave confined to a limited extent, owing to which this pure emotion has downgraded over the years. When you have affection for someone, it means you have dedicated yourself to that person. However, it matters if one wants to have that affection just for the sake of enjoyment, or wants the love to last forever in the form of marriage.

Love has now become a fancy term for people. Here, it seems that love and relationships are not made for people who are very serious towards their life, because such people often tend to evaluate things deeply. They keenly observe gestures and never believe in wasting their time, because they know that their time is for achieving things. It is noteworthy if such people love a good person who also has the same disposition as them. Then, it will act as an icing on the cake. Someone has said that two people together can build anything in their lifebut, it is the rarest sight to see in todays artifice world.

Youngsters fall in love with someone by just seeing the superficial and outer things than the true emotions of a person.

I would like to present certain suggestions to young people from my experience so that they are not distracted from their path:

Never make something or someone a part of your habit. Do not engross yourself to such an extent that you are left confronting problems on their behalf.

Never beg or plead before someone.

Never misinterpret your needs and physical attraction for love and affection. Always introspect.
Never love someone for a temporary time, rather, make your relationship last longer in the form of marriage.
Whatever is the situation, always respect your partner.

If things are not working, then do not worry. Have a discussion with your partner.
If your relationship becomes a source of problem for you, then remember it can never survive.
Most importantly, never forget the love of your parents. If you are doing so, even God will not forgive you.
Everything is associated with your success, whether fame or money. Its better to utilise your time than wasting it on nonsensical things.

Never lose your self-respect due to certain negative things.

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